B2B lead generation

In most cases, people who are interested in your content have customer potential. With the unique B2B lead generation tool, you generate important information and data that you can then use for targeted customer acquisition and all marketing measures.

Lead generation

Completely automatic!

Do you actually know who exactly reads your stories? Are you aware of who is interested in the content of your website? With the innovative products from PresseBox, you will now be able to keep an eye on potential customers at all times!

PresseBox’s PresseLeads gives you an insight into which companies and interested parties have viewed the stories and content of your newsroom on the PresseBox, and you generate potential customer contacts from this. 


With PresseBox’s WebLeads, you can see at any time who is interested in the content of your website, exactly which products or services are being called up, and you automatically receive all the important contact details for the corresponding website visitor and the company for which he/she is acting. Both products are unique on the market and not only bring you new, valuable leads, but also provide you with important information about your potential customers.


The additional “Lead-Search” feature rounds off PresseBox’s B2B lead generation. This gives you the opportunity to search specifically for companies that want to find out more about a specific topic. The feature provides you with around 3,000 fresh leads per week, which you can have unlimited access to for research purposes!


Generate leads easily

We are specialists in PR and want to make your day-to-day work easier with our expertise. With our B2B lead generation products, we therefore offer you the ideal tools to simplify the generation of customer contacts and data. You can also draw knowledge for your future digital PR work and marketing measures from the information gained. Combine our products with the LeadSearch feature and secure even more valuable data about your target group and potential customers!

These benefits await you:

Implement findings directly

You know exactly which stories are most frequently read by relevant companies and draw lessons for your future digital PR work.

Various lead sources

Combine both products with the LeadSearch feature to successfully generate leads.

Unlimited new contacts

Generate an unlimited number of potential contacts in a short space of time.


Due to the exclusive collection of static company data from public sources, personal data and privacy remain unaffected.

Choose and combine our products!

We will advise you without obligation and tailored to your needs.

Our products can stand alone but can also be combined with each other!

PresseLeads MyBOx PresseBox


Generate new customer contacts from people who are interested in your content.

PresseLeads Firmendetails


Track visitors on your own website and receive B2B leads with company data and signals in the tool.

Die Lead-earch

Our top feature for lead generation

Combine Lead-Search with the B2B lead generation tools and also search specifically for people who are interested in relevant topics!

With LeadSearch, you can see at any time which companies are seeking information on your relevant topics and use their contact details for sales purposes. You will receive precise information about users who are interested in the same topics as you. 

You can then use the contact data generated from this to acquire customers for your company or to plan your marketing measures. You can also use PresseBox’s LeadSearch to find out which keywords are used by companies to search for specific content – in all PR content on PresseBox!

Do you have questions about our products? We will be happy to advise you personally!