Measure successes, identify need for optimisation, and draw important lessons for your digital PR work from the detailed success evaluation of PresseBox.

All successes at a glance

The success analysis

To make your stories more successful and powerful, it is important to analyse them regularly. With the help of the statistical overview in MyBox, which is included with every publication at no extra cost, you can identify trends, uncover successes and failures, and compare yourself with your competitors.

Based on the results of your evaluation, you can optimise your PR work on an ongoing basis! Do you want even more facts and figures about your content? Then we recommend the comprehensive monitoring tool.

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One Tool

Numerous applications

You know at a glance how many people have already read your story, how many of these hits were made by journalists and interested parties, and which hits were made by other visitors.

Check on which online portals your story was published in addition to the publication on PresseBox.

You will receive a list of the number of media and which of these media & publishers have received your story via our distribution list.

Find out how your stories compare to the daily average (market comparison), your industry (category comparison), or the stories of a direct competitor.

You have the option of downloading the evaluation of your story as a PDF.

Many benefits

PresseBox reporting

With PresseBox reporting, we offer you the ideal tool for keeping track of the performance of your PR activities. You can also use the clear statistics free of charge and gain many important key figures from them.

You can also expect these benefits:


In addition to the online view, you can also download your evaluation as a PDF.

Informed in real time

Thanks to detailed statistics, you always have an overview.

Direct comparison with the competition

You know exactly how your story compares to your competitors.

Detailed success analysis

You’ll receive a comprehensive statistical overview of your publications.

Do you have questions about PresseBox reporting? We will be happy to advise you personally!